If you are a woman that composes, performs, produces music or a person that enjoys seeing women musicians in concert, you are a perfect candidate for membership in our organization that promotes women musicians, globally. Membership is $50 annually and your benefits include:

Please share with other women musicians you know because together we can change the status of women musicians, who are more often marginalized than we know.

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WIJSF Membership
$2.00 Service Fee
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Women in Jazz South Florida, Inc.

Delray Beach, FL 33317

954-740-3398 | info@wijsf.org

WIJSF Compilation CD #1 with original compositions by 10 fabulous women composers is available. Buy copies for your friends for the Holidays! Send your order to info@wijsf.org or click the PayPal button and place your order with your credit card.
WIJSF Compilation CD #1